Pineapple beach blanket

Pineapple beach blanket

  • Pineapple Beach BlanketNom Nom Nom Nom… Some beach

    Nom Nom Nom Nom…

    Some beach vacations take you 3,000 miles from home, while others are 30 minutes from your driveway. When you put our new Gigantic Pineapple Beach Blanket between the sand and yourself, every location is a tropical one.

    This juicy fruit spans 5 feet so you can soak up some rays or towel off after a quick dip. Plus, the storage pouch makes a great beach tote. Even tastier, combine it with our best-selling Pineapple Pool Float, Floating Beverage Cooler, Serving Rings, or Tropical Fruits Beverage Boats.

    • 5 feet wide and ultra-soft
    • perfect for the beach, pool, lake, concerts, and more
    • the original! often imitated, but never equalled in quality
    • a much more effective barrier between you and the sand vs a towel
    • not sticky at all, and always in season (woot!)
    • fun for all ages



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